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Analog Mixing Desk

We are Happy to help you find the right Mixer and support You in the search for the best possible Mix.

Alphasounds has installed over the Years many Mackie Mixer.
I had the first sound curse, decades ago, on a VLZ 1 owning and using a some Mackie Desk Since.
I can say it is a long and happy relation.
We are in the Position to offer you a great deal with Mackie.
And are happy to support.
Please feel free to contact us if you want to buy your Mackie at Alphasounds.

For more information Visit Mackie

Proel M1622USB

All eq's are very well placed, the preamps offer a full bodied sound, the  EFX warm, and the layout is great.
One of the few Mixer under 1000 euro retail capable to Sound pleasant on any Sound systems.
Stereo Usb input with a great sounding converter can be routed to a stereo Channel.
Useful compressor in the Mike Channels.
It features 12 high quality XLR mic pre-amps. Alternatively it can be used in an eight mono line / mic in with four stereo line-in configuration.

THD + Noise at +4dB, 1kHz: < 0,008 %; !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Weight: 6.5 kg (14.3325 lb)
Dimensions (W x H x D): 465 x 91 x 462 mm

Proel M 822 USb

4 x Mike with low cut
2 x Stereo/ mono Channel
Very easy to use with the laptop. USB in and out.
A full sounding Digital to Analogue Converter.
DAC with detailed Bass sound that is similar to a Dennon Converter.
Routable to one of the Stereo Channels.
The Effect section is unexpected pro for the money and blends in with the Vocals at ease.
Preamp sound is low noise and warm.
New Design.
Comes with padded Bag.
Perfect Sound for Karaoke.

Can be tested at

A review of the Proel M500 usb will give a indication of the acoustic performance.