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Schulz cables made and designed in Germany.

The thickly braided shield, combined with the conductive TPE guarantees

an extremly high mechanical limit.
Only OFC copper for our cables, to get an optimal sound effect and less fartique

The SCHULZ-FLEX SF type has a very solid, dark blue outside sheet.
It is very flexible, oil resistance, acid resistance, heat and coldness resistance,
caused to a caoutchouc share in the PVC.
They are also good-looking and have a good feeling.



High Quality Velcro Straps

The most practical and longest lasting Straps i had.
Some of them now for years without tear of letting go.

Come in rolls of 10 pieces.
20/200 mm for mike cables € 11
25/300 mm for Speaker or power cables € 14


Balanced Audio Cables :

Schulz MK 1

The Classic Quality Mike Cable

Cores 2 x 0,22 mm²
outside diameter 6 mm appr.
capacitance core/shield + / - 90 pF
capacitance core/core + / - 50 pF
€ 1.6 price per meter


Schulz SFM 205

The Best Stage Cable :

Cores 2 x 0,5 mm²
outside diameter 7 mm appr.
capacitance core/shield +/- 110 pF
capacitance core/core +/- 65 pF
€ 2.1 price per meter



  Stereo Balanced audio Cable for Installation and light stage use.

  The cores are made from 18 x 0,10 = 0,14mm² copper.
  The isolation is made by PE, different colours and numbers makes it easy to handle.
  The flexible outside PVC sheet is very solid,
  they are also flexible at very low temparatures.
  € 2.2 /m


DK 5

  Solid Stereo Balanced

  cores 2 x 2 x 0,2 mm²
  outside diameter 6 x 12 mm
  capacitance core/shield + / - 130 pF
  capacitance core/core + / - 75 pF
  € 2.5 /m



  For Sub Multicores & Installation.
  The cores are made from 4 x 2 x 0,22mm² copper.
  The flexible outside PVC sheet is very solid.
  Outside diameter 12 mm
  4 pairs
  € 4.80/m


Speaker Cables :
Schulz SF Cables as they more flexible then conventional pvc Cables
and even 4 core 4 mm is still easy to wind up.

BX 4

Quality Cable

cores: 2 x 2,5 mm²
outside diameter: 7,6 mm
resistance: 0,6 Ohm/100 m
€ 2.30/m


BX 104T

  High quality, pure copper-cable for your speakers.
  2x 2,5 mm², braid 141x0,15 Cu
  outside diameter 4x8mm
  colour: transparent


Speaker cable with twisted pairs.
With caoutchouc share in the PVC.
They are more flexible, thus mannagable
for larger diameter Speaker cables then Conventional PVC Cables.

SF 225

Cores 2 x 2,5 mm²
outside diameter 8,5 mm
resistance 0,6 Ohm/100 m
€ 2.80/m


SF 425

  Cores 4 x 2,5 mm²
  outside diameter 12 mm
  resistance 0,6 Ohm/100 m
  € 5.50 /m


SF 440

  Cores 4 x 4 mm²
  outside diameter 13 mm
  resistance 0,5 Ohm/100 m
  € 8 / m


Power Cable :


Heavy tough-rubber sheated cable for medium mechanical use.

  Also allowed for long time use outside.
  Allowed for 450V voltage between the cores.
  Cores isolated with PE, outside sheet made from synthetic caoutchouc.
  The cores are flexible and made from fine wire.
  cores 3 x 2,5 mm²
  H07RNF3G2,5 mm²
  outside diameter 10 mm appr.


BI 7

Perfect for multicolor LED or small multi Channel Audio

  Cores 7 x 1 mm²
  outside diameter 9 mm appr.
  € 2.8 price per meter


Hycat 1

CAT 5 + 3x 0,75 mm²

2x 4x (2x 0,22 mm²)
cores 3 x 1,5 mm + 2x CAT

outside diameter 17 mm
€ 6.6/m


Hycat 2

4 x CAT 6

4x 4x (2x 0,26 mm²)
cores 4 x CAT 6

outside diameter 20 mm
€ 8/m