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Digital Mixing Desks

The Pre Amps and overall sound quality in this Desk guarantees a enjoyable performance.
The Digital Converter and Mike Pre amps are, In this price range unsurpassed.
The 5 band parametric EQ on the Phonic can used for the arrangement, and not bend to get acceptable results.
I Did use the previous model now on numerous live gigs and found it a self runner.
Here s the Link to a recording made with the Summit 16. sounds-2/original-home-made-free-metal
We show you trough the ropes if you have any question.
My recommendation....


Phonic IS16

16 mono MIC/line with insert points and grouped phantom power
Internal digital sampling rate up to 96 kHz in 24-bit resolution
Compact design achieved through 16 faders encompassing three layers (Channel, AUX/Group, Multi)
17 ultra-smooth 100 mm motorized faders arranged in a familiar analog mixer arrangement
Intuitive GUI interface accessed through a full color touch-screen
31-band GEQ available on EFX 1 and Main Out, 15-band GEQ on EFX 2
4-band parametric EQs can be found on all input channels,multi outputs and main outputs
Digital AES/EBU input and output
Eight balanced 1/4" phone jack 'multi' outputs
8 AUX and 8 Group buses assignable to ‘multi’ outputs
Dual true algorithm-based multi-effects processor. Effects can be applied to any input channel, aux send or group, and the stereo effect signals can be assigned to main stereo mix or all eight multi outputs
25 dynamic processors available on input channels, ‘multi’ outputs and main mix
Save and instantly recall scenes at the touch of a button
Processing accomplished through a high quality 40-bit floating point digital signal processor
Includes Fire Wire/USB interface for multi-track PC and Mac connectivity through USB 2.0 / Fire Wire interface
VGA D-Sub output: Progressive scan up to 1024x768p@60Hz (XGA)
All features and functions of the IS16 can be accessed through the use of a USB 2.0 mouse
Audio Interface compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7 & 8 and Mac OSX operating systems
Wireless control through Wi-Fi connection (includes USB wifi stick model no. UTD10 )
Ethernet connection for remote operation through local area network
Remote level adjustments through HTML5 interface using any modern computer, smartphone and/or tablet
iPad application now available through App Store, firmware update required
Optional gooseneck lamp for illuminating the board in dark areas
Rack mounting kit included