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Our activities include Live Production, Sales, Rental and Installation
of Audio and Lighting Systems.
Prices shown can be subject to change.

Alphasounds is the Official Irish Distributor for
Nova Acoustic, Schulz Kabel &
Solton Acoustic Germany


We are the Authorised Dealer for
Cameo Lighting, Gravity Hardware, GiK Accoustic Treatment
Linear Research Amps & Controllers.


Audio Analysis for Acoustic Room Treatment

Improving the acoustical characteristics and reducing Reverberation & Echo.
Expert design & Installation of Acoustic Panels.
Please feel free to ask for a panel Price list.

Project Studios, Cinema & Theatres, Cafe Bars, Restaurants, Venues, Live Sound.
Building Accoustics, Occupational Health & Saftey.
An Audio Analysis for System Refinement or Enhancement includes the following functions;


Level Meter - dBu, dBV, Voltage & Sound pressure level measurments.
Stereo Phase Checker - Compare Phase of 2 Signals, providing a detailed Visual represantation.
Polarity  Checker - Check Speaker & Installation Wiring.
LEQ - Equivalent Continious Noise Level - Check conformity with Local Noise Regulations.
RT-60 Reverb decay time calculation - on site for optimal audio Dispertion & Echo reduction.Working out the average of many different RT60 readings from around a room allows users to get an idea as to how much absorption or reflection of audio the room provides. This information is very helpful when designing soundproofing.
Fast Fourier Transformation - find Noise and Distortions in audio products.
THD + N - Total harmonic distortion calculator + Noise emmited  -
Scope - This is an audio bandwidth oscilloscope. This function provides an accurate graphic representation of audio waveforms, allowing users to better identify audio distortion, clipping, and problems with the polarity of a signal.Compare & Confirm performance of actual Specification with Projected Specs.
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At Alphasounds we provide Demonstrations on request.

Live Video/audio Recording in or out of House.

We are VAT registered Business.
Tax Clerance Certificate available on Request.