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LED Display

This page is still under construction.

Alphasounds now supplies Video LED Display Panels with high resolution scenographic applications. 
Ideal for Video screening, Pictures & Backgrounds.....   for medium viewing distances from LEDwall surfaces.

An Impressive Full Colour Light output, suitable for daylight and temporary outdoor installations. 
A transparency factor, allows light to go through the screen surface, opening up a wide range of creative design possibilities, combining video screening with backlights.
Extremely Light-weight, allowing a wide flexiblity in mounting configurations including curvability & hanging applications.

A Range of pixel pitch and panel sizes are available.

For more Information or a Demonstration on LED Display Panels please contact Alphasounds.

Klick here for the full Music Lights Italy range.

We offer Konka
Well made Alu frame with Heavey Duty Connectors easy to set up with flip Brackets. Usable outdoors:

LED Curtain
Pitch                      :10.41mm                                                            Cabinet size            :1000mm*500mm                           
Module size             :250mm*2500mm
2350 euro