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Microphones & Headphones

Alphasounds Stock selected Microphones
from Sennheiser & LD

Sennheiser 945

The Mike i recoment. Durable, with a modern quick reaction and even Frequency plus with loads of headrom.
€ 200


Ld 1001 dynamic

Better Grille for less corrosion, basicly same sound just a little more Handling noise.

Close to the more pricy old fashion Original.
€ 50

LD 1011 Condenser

Female Choir is the home of this mike.
€ 62

The U500® Series

Vocal sets are available with hand-held transmitters,
headsets, lavalier microphones and single or double receivers.
The hand-held transmitters feature interchangeable microphone capsules to suit singing or speaking.
Single dynamic  € 350
Double dynamic € 530
Test of the old model :
Condenser Goose Neck.

Cardioid pattern wit a unexpected high sound and heavy build quality for this Price Range.
On/ of Button Phantom or 2 x aaa Battery Powered.
60 €