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Microphones & Headphones

Alphasounds carry selected Microphone & Headphone models.

Pro Audio HP 701 Headphones

Professional dynamic headphones conceived for a bright and sparkly sound reproduction.
Soft, gentle ear-pads provide comfort even for the longest-lasting audio sessions.
The acoustically closed design is ideally suited for a variety of studio applications and production sessions
Flexible and adjustable headband
The unit includes high performance OFC cable, assembled with 3,5mm jack, and 6,3mm plug adaptor

Sensibility 93dB ± 3
Max power  1200 mW
Audio bandwidth   10Hz - 30kHz
Rated Impedance  60 Ω
Price incl. VAT 23%
60 Euro


LD WS 1000 Wireless

Price incl. VAT 23%
285 € Condenser

Dynamic Pro audio P58B

This Mike working with the market leader's Design on the same stage,
with the same Sound blending in for less then half the cost.
Rugged construction, a shock-mount system
and a steel mesh grille, that unlike the " original " has not shown corrosion.
A Dynamic microphone.
Its super-cardioid pattern over the whole frequency range ensures maximum gain
before feedback, and very good isolation from other sound sources.
Excellent rejection of off-axis sound.
The anti-vibration cartridge system cuts down handling noise.
Price incl. VAT 23% 42 €

Pro audio P 865 Condenser Mike
Cardioid microphone designed for professional use in live performance
unlike most condenser mikes it does not pickup the whole room,
And offers more distance to the Performer.
Rugged construction and a double steel grill for cartridge protection.
Typical applications include pickup of lead voice,
chorus, speech and musical instruments.
Polar Pattern  Cardioid
Frequency Response  50Hz - 18kHz
Max SPL  130 dB
Phantom Power  16V - 52V DC

Price incl. VAT 23%
50 €.
Pro Audio P 608 Clip on Mike

Goose-neck condenser microphone with cardioid pattern, designed for professional use in live performance and studio recording.
The flexible neck allows an accurate positioning, the fastening clip grants a safe mounting on the instrument.
Typical applications are in pickup of wind instruments, drums and percussions.
It can be used wired to PP50 pre-amplifier or in combination with PW500 and PW100 wireless systems.
PP50 pre-amplifier included.
Polar Pattern Cardioid
Type Condenser
Frequency Response 50Hz - 18kHz
Max SPL 130 dB
Phantom Power 9V - 52V DC
Cable length 6 m Connector mini-XLR(F) 4p.
Price incl. VAT 23% 49 € 
Condenser Goose Neck.

Cardioid pattern wit a unexpected high sound and heavy build quality for this Price Range.
On/ of Button Phantom or 2 x aaa Battery Powered.
60 €

Goose Neck Heavy Base Stand
Solid steel and not a sinking Goose neck

23 €