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PA Systems for Hire

We can supply Systems to cater audiencesizes ranging from 20 persons to 1,500 persons.
Full systems can be delivered, set up, tuned, and collected by Alphasounds.

NOVA.rray Custom. " The Wall of sound "

This System is loaded with 18Sound.
The option of Switching one 12" to low mid turns the Tops 15degree inwards
this will minimize reflections in smaller room arrangements.




8 x Nova NT1
Loaded with 18sound 710

4 x 3/4" Soft Dome Horndriver and
Upgraded X overs +  more Copper in the Cables .1000w rms each.
4 x NB1/18 sound 5.6kw

4 x Nova NB1
Loaded with 18 Sound 18"

Amprack :
Linear Research ASC 48 Controller
1 x Linear research 44 M 10 4 x 2500w rms with DSP
2 x Solton SX 4400 4 x 1500w rms Sub

This System deliver's a modern, punchy & detailed Sound, at all Volume Ranges.
Flying the System at an Open Air or, 
Ground stacked for the Big Indoor production.

JBL "Rock, Sweat & Leather"

This is pure analog Rock'n Roll
Complete restauration of the High/Mid Cabinets
JBL setting the Standard in the early 90's
with polished Horn Chambers fresh Paint and reconed Speakers.
Driven by a modern Amprack.
This System is determent, open Sounding, very filling and just very enjoyable.
With analog Xover or Digital if required.

  2 x JBL Sound Power 2 x 12"/ 2" 2 x 1 " 3 way Tops with 1200w rms Mis/Top
  2 x JBL SR 2 x 15 "1200w rms Sub
  2 x EAW 2 x 15" 1200w rms with JBL Speaker Sub


High Power all Coaxial " Precision Rave "

4.5 kW (200 - 500 persons)

This System Features High Power 15" 850w rms 18 Sound Coaxial Tops & Sidefill Speakers.
The Bandpass Sub have the advantage to be able to located on or off a Stage and keeping the Low end Audible.

133db at ease with a "small" Foot print.
2 x 15" Nova NM1 Coaxial Tops l      
2 x 2 x 18" Nova NB1 2.5 Bandpass Subs. 
1 x Linear research 44 M 10 4 x 2500w rms with DSP

This System does sound Incredible.
Perfect for functions & Concerts where the System unterstated and the Output of a Pro Rick is required.


Nova Euphoria 15" & 12" Coax active. "Compact Emotion"

Small in Size and able to Rock a Live Band
3.2kw rms clean Setup active System with a audio performance

2 x Nova EM 12 Coax Loaded with Beyma 600w rms 133db
1 x Nova EX 315 Active Sub 2 x 800w 1 x 1600 w DSP
1 x Nova EX 315 Passive Sub 800w rms if required.



Monitor Speaker :

Nova Coaxial 15" & 12"
4 x 850w rms 15" 18 sound 15CX1000 if very power full is required
2 x 450w rms 15" Beyma ax38 if finest tone is required
2 x 600w rms 12" Beyma horn loaded, does both small but with less low mids.
2 x Lab Gruppen FB 3400
2 x Nova DXP 3600


4 x Grundig Omni Directional Double 8" / Tweeter

Vintage 70's omni directional Steel Globes with 2 x 8" and High grade dome tweeter each.
I upgraded the cables inside, resprayed and usually use them powered by a sub .
With the low cut they can fill a space elegantly with some Balls, just like below .


Mixing Consoles for Hire

Alphasounds carry a selection of mixing consoles in Flightcases for hire, to suit a variety of applications.
Tha analog Producton :

Allen & Heath ML 4000/32

( Multicore & Outboard with multipin)


QU 24 Chrome. Apple extreme Router and Ipad.


Nova DIGIMIX-1600

8+4 ch + 24 bit EFX Digital Powered Mixer 2x 500W @4Ω
Powered mixer 8 mike 4 Stereo efx

Master Audio USB 082FX

Compact size mixer with effects and USB port

2 MONO input + 3 STEREO input (or 4 MONO + 1 STEREO)
24bit DSP (Digital Signal Processor) with 100 selectable presets
A good Sounding Mixer with build in Reverb and USB in and out.