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Alphounds Irish PA Lighting Hire Sales Installation

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Back Line For Hire

Sonor 5 pice Kit 503
Good sounding Basic Drum Kit.
Marshall AVT 150 H
Half Stack
Accoustic, Clean,
2 Distortion Channel + efx
Ampeg SVT 2 Bass Stack
300w Tube Bass head
Solton Vintage Refurbished 8/10" Cabinet
with Carlsborow 150w Head
Marshall 4 x 12"
Vintage   1982
with 3 vintage greenback 30w
1 x swambtang 12"
Stereo/ mono imput
The business for recording..
Eso Plug
4 Channel Frequency Response: 20-20kHz
Distortion (TDH): <0.01%
Signal to Noise Ration: >90dB !!!
High Audio Quality                                                   
    Gallien Grueger Backline 100 Combo.

Marshall AS 50r
Accoustic Combo with RCAand mike input.
  Omnitronic DD 4250
  Direct Drive