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Complete Passive PA Systems

We reccomend to use all Systems with Digital Controller. Custom Programm free of Charge.
Setting up Amprack, for cost price and Custom Connection boards for a small fee.


Solton CX Series

Double ND 12" with 2.5" Horn Driver & front loaded Double 15 " Sub
Bi amp.

Solton's high performance range aaCraaft with 3.6kw.
Fast reacting, deep in sound, and over 130db
Nothing like it in this Price Range.
High power 2 way system equipped with 2x high class 12” neodym speaker,
a absolutely light weight in this range.
The Subs are Power full ventilated direct irradiation cabinets, equipped with 2 high power speaker.
CX 212 : 799 € incl VAT 23 % 30kg
CX 215 : 799 € incl VAT 23 % 68 kg

Nova Union Fullrange 18"

System: Nova Union 18 & 18 Sub
Designed by Nova's own Jürgen Eiker,
One of best real full range sound Systems, one Amp.
Just 4 x 600w rms but with a Sensitivity of 100 db. Peaking with 131db!
Phase plug custom X over and big cabs making the Music.
Bi amp also prepared with Loop trough on the Subs.
Verdict: 18” Top with a big Horn Driver does not go swum and zilch.
The Midrange is soft and wide in dispersion, and the treble shines with detail.
The low end is not to rich, a small dip around 450hrz.
Biamp ? We tried it and if you have the rack already fair enough but there is just that little more, consider the cost and I would recommend getting one very good amp instead of more stuff.
To the competition I can say,  ask for a offer as this is a very easy Side fill System.
Demo Available.
U 18 480/900/510mm 47 kg
U 18 sub 480/900/510mm 37 kg

4440 € for 2 x Top & Subs.


Solton AS 15/2

1.8kw Total RMS
2 x 15 " Tops.
2 x 15" Subs.
Quality System with High Volume and Head room for small Money.
Very Compatible even with a Powermixer.
1550 €
Incl 4 Padded covers,
2 x K & M poles and
2 x Schulz Speaker cables.
AS 15/2
Cabinet Passive
Impedance 8 Ω
Rated Power RMS 400 Watt
Program Power 800 Watt
SPL 1W/1m 99 dB
Max. SPL 127 dB
Frequency response 50 Hz - 20 kHz
Coverage angle 100° x 50° turnable
Crossover frequency 2,7 kHz
Components High 1,75" diaph. driver
Components Low (Mid) 15" Woofer 3" voice coil
Protection PTC driver protection
Material Multiplex
Finish black lacquer
Handle 2
Flange 1
Flying points 7 / M8
Dimensions mm (WxHxD) 460 x 690 x 400
Weight (kg) 22 kg
SB 15N
Cabinet Passive
Impedance 8 Ω
Rated Power RMS 500 Watt
Program Power 1000 Watt
SPL 1W/1m 99 dB
Max. SPL 126 dB
Frequency response 45 Hz - 120 Hz
Components Low 15" Woofer 3" voice coil
Material Multiplex
Finish black lacquer
Handle 2
Flange M 20
Dimensions mm (WxHxD) 450 x 650 x 540
Weight (kg) 32 kg