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Speaker Upgrades & Repairs

Solton 12 "300 w rms 15" 400w rms Low / Midrange :

Power and Response.
You put them into budget Cab's and the only worry should be if the Wood will crack.
12" 300w 8 ohm 121 euro incl. VAT 23 % 15" 400w 8 ohm 130 euro incl. VAT 23 %


Craaft 12" High Power Neodymium Speaker

Light, warm and loud, the pro aspect is both Visible. & of course Audible.
199 euro incl VAT 23%

18” Sound bull aa CRAAFT 800 w rms Speaker

This Basket is a real contender in the Performance of top class punch and low end Detail.
The 4" Voice Coil is sitting inside the machined  Magnet.
Sound Pressure (1W/1m)100 dB
249 euro for one Basket incl. 23 % vat

Solton TC 200

Quality For Small Money, This 12" 8 ohm s a multi talent with real 200 w rms.
We put these into Guitar combo's and Marshall 412.
The Sound improved sometimes considerably. The response is fast but the Cone is Stiffer then most Guitar "Specialties".
They take also a beating every day in the Solton MF floor wedges.
59 euro for one Basket incl. 23 % vat


Al house wire wound resistor :

These little Part takes a Leash to run away Tweeters,
making Feed back on Stage disappear,
Very good Job also on Tuning for Example EV SX300, Eliminator Cabs.
Price about 60 euro ( depending on time ) for 2 cabs fitted.

Schulz Stereo Hum Eliminator.


2 Very Big High Quality Transformers, and Hand Wired, this Item is no Spoiler in the main signal line.
All Cores 1,2 & Earth connect over Magnetic Conducting. ( unlike passive DI's )
A Must Have for DJ 's and Bands using In House Systems, for care free Gig's.

89 euro incl. VAT 23