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Touring & Line Array Concert Systems

Nova Trinity System :

Volume and Pressure 2 x 12"/ 1 x 10" and a big Horn driver For Quick response and high Sound pressure.

The TF3 is a three-way high performance multipurpose loudspeaker in a trapezoidal chassis for fixed installations and mobile use. The cabinet is equipped with a 1,4" HF driver (2,5” voice coil). The HF driver is mounted onto a horn with a nominal coverage of 60° x 40° (H x V). The MF section is equipped with a 10” speaker, which works onto the integrated wave guide. The LF section is covered by two 12" high performance speakers. The integrated flying system includes four ANCRA (comp.) tracks and enables the use of NFS 3 eyelets for installation. The flexible TF3 suits for speech and music applications as a stand-alone fullrange system or MF/HF speaker in sound reinforcement systems. The chassis is constructed from 15 mm plywood (birch) and covered with black PolyUrea© finish. The cabinet is equipped with two grip handles and a front grill with transparent charcoal foam backing. Two speakon connectors (NL4) are mounted at the rear side of the chassis for signal input (input) and signal link (link). The power rating of the TF3 is 1.000 W (RMS) at the LF section, 400 W (RMS) at the MF section and 70 W (RMS) at the HF section. The impedance of the LF section is 4 ohms. The impedance of the MF/HF section is 8 ohms.

System Type : 2 x 12", three-way, bass-reflex, fullrange / utility
Frequency Range (-10 dB) : 48 Hz - 20 kHz
Frequency Response (±3 dB) : 58 Hz - 18 kHz
Coverage Pattern : 60° x 40° nominal
HF Horn : Rotatable fibreglass horn
Crossover Modes : Active (LF), passive (MF/HF)
Crossover Frequency : 3.8 kHz
Power Rating
(Continuous** / Program / Peak ) : Passive (MF/HF): 470 W / 940 W / 1.880 W
                                                    Bi-Amped LF: 1.000 W / 2.000 W / 4.000 W (active)
Maximum SPL*** : LF: 134 dB SPL peak, MF/HF: 136 dB SPL peak
System Sensitivity (1w/1m) : LF: 101 dB SPL, MF/HF: 107 dB SPL
LF Driver  : 2 x 18-SOUND© 12NW530, neodym (custom made version) 4 ohms (active)
MF Driver : 1 x 18-SOUND© 10NDA610, neodym (custom made version) 8 ohms (passive)
HF Driver : 1 x 18-SOUND© ND2414BT, 2.5 in. voice coil compression driver (custom made version) 8 ohms (passive)
Active Tunings : 1.8 kHz
Enclosure : Fullrange, 15 mm, birch plywood
Suspension / Mounting : 5 x ANCRA (comp.) track for optional NFS3 mounting eyelet
Transport : 2 x integrated handle
Finish : Black textured PolyUrea© finish
Grille : Powder coated, black, perforated steel with acoustic
transparent charcoal foam backing, NOVA logo
Input Connectors : 2 x Neutrik© Speakon© NL4MF/HF: 1+/1-, LF: 2+/2-
Dimensions (W x H x D) : 361 mm x 1.100 mm x 450 mm
Net Weight : 42,5 kg

New Solton  Line Array


CL 10 ND

Type Two-way, passive, fullrange, line array element
Frequency Response 82 Hz - 19 kHz ± 3dB
Drivers: LF+MF Section 2x 10" 2.5" VC, neodymium driver, reflex loaded direct radiator
HF Section 3" VC HF, neodymium compression driver, horn loaded with waveguide
Rated Power 700 W AES, 2100 W peak
Recommended Amplifier aa CRAAFT DX 4
Sensitivity 101 dB
Maximum SPL (1W / 1m) 131 dB
Nom. Impedance 8 Ohms
Dispersion (-6 dB) 100° horizontal, 12° vertical

1.8 kHz passive

Enclosure Vertical trapezoid, multilaminate 18 mm birch ply construction
Finish Textured black paint
Protective Grille Black perforated steel
Connector 2x Neutrik NL4 (1+/1-)
Fittings Rigging system, Handles each side, Angle ajustment 0° - 12° each cabinet
Dimensions (W x H x D) 820 x 340 x 600 mm
Weight 32 kg



Nova ATLAS Line-Array

Double 10" with 2 HF compression drivers with 2.5” voice coil.
I did enjoy this System very much at the FFm Tradeshow and put my name on it.
It sounded very pleasant, and was the only Line array you could hear the left or right Stereo side,
standing on the opposite side in the Audience.

The ATLAS series is a line-array system
for mobile use or fixed installation.
The comprehensive accessories
of all ATLAS models enable many configurations
and sizes of systems for different applications.
The ATLAS array system
is the perfect plug and play solution for bands,
rental companies and installers.

Atlas AT2

System Type:
Frequency Range (-10 dB):
Frequency Response (±3 dB):
Coverage Pattern:
HF Horn:
Crossover Modes:
Crossover Frequency:
Power Rating (Continuous** / Program / Peak):

Maximum SPL***:
System Sensitivity (1w/1m):
LF Driver
LF Nominal Impedance:
MF Driver:
MF Nominal Impedance:
HF Driver:
HF Nominal Impedance:
Active Tunings:
Suspension / Mounting:

Input Connectors:

Dimensions (W x H x D):
Net Weight:
Optional Accessories:

2 x 10", two-way, bass-reflex, line array
60 Hz - 20 kHz
70 Hz - 18 kHz
110° x 10° nominal
Special construction of 2 front plates / grilles
Passive: n/a
Bi-Amped LF: 700 W / 1.400 W / 2.800 W (active)
Bi-Amped MF: n/a
Bi-Amped HF: 140 W / 280 W / 560 W (active)
MF/LF: 136 dB SPL peak, HF: 139 dB SPL peak
MF/LF: 103 dB SPL, HF: 112 dB SPL
2 x 18-SOUND© 10NMB420, neodym (custom made version)
8 ohms (active)
2 x 18-SOUND© ND1424BT, 2.5 in. planar waveguide driver (custom made version)
16 ohms (active)
1.000 Hz
Fullrange, 15 mm, birch plywood
Integrated flyware including pins, aluminium / stainless steel
2 x integrated handles
Black textured PolyUrea© finish
Powder coated, black, perforated steel with acoustic
transparent charcoal foam backing, NOVA logo
2 x Neutrik© Speakon© NL4
HF: 1+/1-, MF/LF: 2+/2-
600 mm x 300 mm x 455 mm
26.5 kg
BC1/AC2: Flying frame (Article number: # 30151)
ACS2: Set of 4 stand for BC1/AC2 (Article number: # 30153)
ASA1: Stacking adapter (Article number: # 907