A Clean Start

  • Thor 

Now that Events in 2020 have been Cancelled,

We could have some thoughts on how to act more sustainable in the Future.

Irish Government’s development agency for the arts spent € 75 million in 2019.( http://www.artscouncil.ie/funding/)

That not including the sometimes bizarre State funding for Education, CE Schemes and Start up’s and EU Development grants diverted for Organizations and private Persons.

This regular Funding developed over the Years a whole Industry.

Needles to say that Distortion and Duplication had negative repercussions

for Business or Engineers working independent.

I guess this was part of the “Trickle down”

The Protégées of this System hat gained so much political cloud and power,

that it required sometimes a Thin Hat trying understand the structure of the Business.

I have seen also a shameless amount of bullying.

Customers can not be blamed to be wary to businesses that are blatantly side-lined.

Moving on, the latest blow to independent Events and Venues

was Legislation and the Insurance industry.

The Festival visitor was prob. wondering meanwhile

why was there so much of the same.

A live or art Event must be a focused on Business, full stop.

Volunteering, Dedication, flexibility

or jut being a good Host only welcome inside a allocated box.

Carrying a Event by supplying Sound, Light and Staff for funded Events

more and more reduced to driving a getaway Car for the taxi fare.

Say yes, don’t burn the Bridges.

Now with so many trained without work,

We getting to understand, working in Entertainment is a very fragile Lifestyle,

lifted into reality just by imagination.

We just got a lot of Time, Dedication & Money wasted.

Lets hope more funding in the Future is supporting the essential live support.

Live Entertainment will happen again.

I hope with more freedom and space for natural grown talent.

Thor Zeller 2020

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