Multi-Room Amplifier Streaming “In the House”

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Just spent an Evening with the OMNITRONIC CIA-40WIFI WLAN Multiroom Streaming Amplifier In Stock at

I have some Experience with Sonos & Heos and have tried out a low cost alternative once. I was curious to how the CIA-40WIFI, would perform

Unpacking and connecting.

Looking industrial, screw holes on the Sides, I don’t think it is designed to be on display on the wooden HIFI Stand.
The metal housing appears solid, like you could stand on it. 13 small Buttons provide Quick access to Volume, pairing stop forward etc. There are 5 x Instant play back to choose from.
Antenna and Power supply look reliable. The Speaker Output Block takes 2.5mm Speaker Cable.


Download the 4stream app. The Reviews are mixed, but I guess there is a bit trolling going on reading them. The Screen looks good and works well. No cul de sacs or getting lost. A bit less elegant comparing it to the apps for premium devices, but nothing like the frustrating mess I have come across in the Past.

” Looking for Wifi ” comes over the Speaker.
Plain, sailing the app finds the Media player, is asking to press the pairing button on the back, the phone sends the router password to the unit, done. “Wifi Connected”. Sound.

The Tracks on the USB stick show with full name and length. Supported Formats include MP3, WMA; AAC/AAC+, ALAC; FLAC, APE; WAV . Logging into Tidal is simple. Adding more media players is super straight forward.


Pairing and dividing is pinching the touch screen. Not as fast as the bigger Brands but good enough.

Playback over multiple players is automatically synchronized. If Your setup requires the usage of the analog input, there is no signal delay by using one unit. After Pairing with other media players a 2 sec. delay is applied to all units to be in sync.

The Amp

2 x 25w in the specs does not really reflect its actual performance. No distortion over a wide volume range, and no funny stuff at the Limit. The Player drives 2 x double 8″ floor standing Speakers, It can do loud, but I would not risk my speakers driving the party. Still, Fascinating what some modern Digital amps can do.

The Sound

Just great, high resolution streaming does sound just as good as playing local files. The Digital Audio Conversion Stands proud in good Company with the Benchmark DAC I use as reference.

The Conversion and the Amp are sound and enjoyable throughout

Private Usage

You can use Your Hifi Speakers, ceiling Speakers or design a setup with Cubes and Sub to suit. The Media player can also be switched to only left or right signal to connect more speaker on one Zone.

Commercial Usage

Just like all other wireless Streaming devices, I would recommend using the Wired internet input for a more speedy response.

WIFI will never be a perfect sound source with WIFI noise levels locally are continuously changing. The password protection of the Controller requires a secured WIFI network.


If I did not have my setup at home, I would just add a phono pre-amp and enjoy as a lot of less can be more. For the Money it is just great. If You think size, weight & electricity usage, it makes makes fun out of an audiophile setup. The carefully thought out design goes a long way. This unit definitely has it.

Whats left to mention…
The Bluetooth does not buck while linking, the range is about 4 meters. A built-in Hotspot can be switched on for control without a nearby Router. What is also a nice feature is the CIA-40WIFI plays the last volume and source after a power cycle. Additionally, if You cannot locate Your remote, the stored favorites & volume control can be accessed on the unit itself. Aux analog input can be switched to Priority. Nice.

Download the Manual here

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