Quality Compact Outdoor Speaker ODP-204T

  • Thor 
by Thor
Published: 5th March 2020 (2 years ago)

Sold in Pairs of 2.

These Speakers are outclassing chipboard Hifi Speakers in Elegancy,  Sound and with the Round conic shape & matt finish.

The Connection Board comes with Solid Terminals plus Cover with Wire Glands.

I have used them successfully in outside installations.

For pleasant Customer announcements and Background Music.

They carry a good full low mid load

plus the Black Cloth Tweeter a soft Treble.

What a nice Surprise.

100 Volt and 16 ohm low impedance : Very Versatile.

Together with a Bob sub double 8 sub a Competent  little budget Sound system that fit into a Car and can be used in there also.


40 W RMS (16 Ohm); 40 W RMS (100V PA)

100 V transformer with 3 power taps (10 W, 20 W, 40 W)


2-way system with 10 cm woofer (4″) and 2 cm dome tweeter (0.8″)

SPL 103 db, 88 db sensitivity.

W 14.1, H 23, D 17cm