PA & Sound Installation

Alphasounds provides and installs custom acoustic solutions. We have vast installation experience in 100 Volt Systems, Live Venues, Hotels & Bars, Houses of Worship, with single or multiple Zones, and private Houses. We also service (analyse & upgrade), existing installations. Please contact us for a quotation / site visit.

Our installations are very robust and come with a dedicated after-sales service.

Suberb audio quality, always.

Some of the Alphasounds installations:

- Geoff's Cafe Bar
- The Ritz Tramore
- Phil Grimes Venue room
- Brooklyn Restaurants
- Doolys Fish & Chips
- The Ladybelle
- Majestic Hotel
- Waterford Warriors Gym
- Move Gym
- The Hole in the Wall
- Well's House
- M.A,Heffernans
- National Schools, Nationwide
- The Sacred Cherubim & Seraphim Church

And many more Installations we are proud of and fully support

Multi-room Wireless Audio Network
Alpha Sounds Ireland

With the modern app controlled units, you can add multi-room audio to an existing music or home theatre audio system, and play different songs in different rooms or the same song in every room.

With an easy to use app compatible with any tablet or smartphone, and to top the Enjoiment a DSP controlled amp we find the best custom production for Your Location

A closer look at the HEOS from us : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4AKUvcr5OgE


Soundbox by Alphasounds

Windows 10 based 15" touchscreen media player.

Alpha Sounds Ireland Alpha Sounds Ireland
Alpha Sounds IrelandAlpha Sounds Ireland Alpha Sounds IrelandAlpha Sounds Ireland Alpha Sounds Ireland

Our soundbox is an all in one efficient, quiet and versatile media player. Featuring a custom lightweight Windows 10 OS that is locked down to aid stability and prevent accidental or malicious changes. The basic setup includes a web browser, Spotify, Tidal & Dopamine for offline music. This can be expanded depending on your needs to include Xtouch for controlling Dante audio systems, EPOS software such as Casio CBMS to manage your tills or any other Windows programs you desire, just contact us to discuss your needs and customisation requirements.

Although ideal for streaming music from Spotify, Tidal, Youtube Music etc, if you have and songs or music collections you wish to add, its as simple as drag and drop into the music folder and the songs will be auto detected by the offline player.

When the system receives power it will auto boot (10 sec to desktop) and is very tolerant of being powered off improperly, you wont see any blue screens complaining your computer was not shut down correctly.

The system benefits from all the latest Windows 10 features and security and will auto clean itself every day ensuring no slow down. A folder is provided to store files permanently.

- 15" Multitouch, HD, waterproof, impact resistant screen
- Heavy metal stand for excellent stability & adjustability
- Wall mountable
- Fault tolerant
- Thin and space efficient
- Auto power on
- Focus on high quality/lossless audio
- Minimum of 24bit audio
- Multiple USB projects
- SD card reader
- USB 3.0 ports
- Multiple specs available
- Minimum 4GB ram
- Minimum 64GB solid state storage

The system is modular so if the screen or compute unit get broken they can be replaced separately. Also if you decide you would like to upgrade for more power or storage a new compute unit can be fitted without having to buy a whole new system.

Although the system is touchscreen based, it is possible to add a keyboard and mouse if you desire as there are multiple free usb 3.0 ports available.

Pricing is very affordable but ultimately depends on your spec requirements and customisation so contact us for a quote.

Alpha Sounds Ireland

Lighting Installation

There are a few things to be taken into consideration before Buying & Installing LED Lighting:

The Tackting or Refresh rate :
Alpha Sounds Ireland

"Flicker free" or a High Refresh rate are the only LED Lights I would reccommend, to minimize fatigue, possible long term damage to the retina, or for just a more relaxed atmosphere.

The Light Spectrum :
Alpha Sounds IrelandAlpha Sounds Ireland

The Photometric measurements are of importance, as even high quality LED's still deliver only narrow peaks. The integration of other light sources such as warm white LED's, results in in a more even light spectrum.

DMX Tester available for hire
Alpha Sounds Ireland

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