Multi-Room Amplifier Streaming “In the House”

  • Thor 
Just spent an Evening with the OMNITRONIC CIA-40WIFI WLAN Multiroom Streaming Amplifier I have some Experience with Sonos & Heos and have tried out a low cost alternative once. I was curious to how the CIA-40WIFI, would perform Unpacking and connecting. Looking industrial, screw holes on the Sides, I don’t think it is designed to be on display on the wooden HIFI Stand.The metal housing appears solid, like you could stand on it. 13 small Buttons provide Quick access to… Continue Reading »Multi-Room Amplifier Streaming “In the House”

My 1st Point Source

  • Thor 
Size MattersPoint Source System. Double 8″ Tops with Carbon Speakers, 15″ Subs and Linea amp with Fir filter.3600w rms . What is i like ? Little more compressed in lower Volumes, With the amount of Processing in place no wonder. Even & elegant going up in Volume. Output of 130db fitting into a Car.

The Wonderful World of Digital Matrices

  • Thor 
Having finished A Fully Digital Audio System Installation with Dante. A 4 zone, multiple Input System. There are so many advantages surely to be taken in 2020. Reliability. Having earth and a number of power sources hard wired together over many Rooms can be made to work, until the set-up is disturbed. This is an inevitability with Zones that have their own set of functions. The Digital link does not amplify a mixture of low power Signals to & from… Continue Reading »The Wonderful World of Digital Matrices

A Story listening to Hifi Systems

In the Mid 70’s growing up in Germany, before Walkmann, most kids i knew played music with mail order mono Tape Player, I remember that my Granddad spend about 40 DM more ( every Deutschmark Mark counted then ) for ITT Schaub Lorenz Recorder that looked and sounded a little different. My Granny’s Kitchen Radio was from the same Brand. Gentler sounding compared to much bigger more expensive Stereo Ghetto blasters. It had a Silver Metal finish and Recording with… Continue Reading »A Story listening to Hifi Systems

The Sound Dome Story

  • Thor 
Warning Ranting ahead. I was asked in 2016 to assist with some Problem solving of a Speaker installation in a Sound Dome. So I drove to a name of “Tom” to have a look. It was a Small Geo dome in a Barn, hold together with Waving Pipes and Cable ties. A Small Marantz amp was connected with Cables to various Speaker with no housing all in parallel, putting the Amp to protect, because of the low resistance. Parallel –… Continue Reading »The Sound Dome Story

Analog Crossover.

  • Thor 
Today I spent some time in the Studio testing The Omnitronic XO 300 Versus The Samson S3way. Over 20 years ago I used this System with two expensive Ashley 1001 Crossovers and sold it 10 years later with a Digital Crossover. It was all returned to me when the owner emigrated to New Zealand. Presently used in the Studio for Bands, it offers a decent Size Rig well able to produce Dominant Vocals or simulate a Live Gig for Recording.… Continue Reading »Analog Crossover.

A Clean Start

  • Thor 
Now that Events in 2020 have been Cancelled, We could have some thoughts on how to act more sustainable in the Future. Irish Government’s development agency for the arts spent € 75 million in 2019.( That not including the sometimes bizarre State funding for Education, CE Schemes and Start up’s and EU Development grants diverted for Organizations and private Persons. This regular Funding developed over the Years a whole Industry. Needles to say that Distortion and Duplication had negative… Continue Reading »A Clean Start

Horn Loaded Sound Systems

  • Thor 
“Sneakers in the Rain” This is what I was thinking wen I see Horn loaded System .used in confined indoor locations. Like expensive white Trainers being used as day to day Street Shoes. In Sports they can make History. Re invented into popular with the Purple brand plus the “Shut up and take my money” brass colored DJ System.They are based on designs, for maximizing Output Volume with little amp power, in the 70’s. Now Modernized with DSP and High… Continue Reading »Horn Loaded Sound Systems

ISE Amsterdam 2020

  • Thor 
So this Year I went to the Integrated Show in Amsterdam. Thanks To Proel for sending me an invitation. What was it like? Holland is more Expensive than Frankfurt. The Show grounds, I was looking for the Stand numbers in vain until someone pointed out that the Numbers are just a paper left on the floor, the food and drink was basic and expensive. The surrounding area outside the Show buildings did not look organized. I went with the Train… Continue Reading »ISE Amsterdam 2020

Sub Addition

Today on the Bench Omnitronic BoB 2 x 8″ Sub First impression is: I did not pay that much. The Wood Construction is looking very good. Did not expect 2 separate Chambers, only connected with a small slit in the Middle. That gives Stability, and not the dreaded Resonance, no low honking, Nice. Very generous sized Crossovers with 1.5mm Cable but, a sorry not with Copper, that I changed for sport, while its open anyway. Impressive Magnets, punching tight and… Continue Reading »Sub Addition

Making a Good old Speaker even Better

  • Thor 
How to make a good old Speaker better.. Now 4 x Grundig Audiorama 8000 in stock. Finished with new Paint. Utilizing them as mid tops on a active 3 way sub i found then a little to much compressing. and after having glance inside i noticed the thin wiring used back then. So out came the Solder and 2.5 copper from and to the Xovers now. The difference is clearly to hear. More drive and better punch. The Tweeters are… Continue Reading »Making a Good old Speaker even Better