Horn Loaded Sound Systems

  • Thor 

“Sneakers in the Rain”

This is what I was thinking wen I see Horn loaded System .used in confined indoor locations.

Like expensive white Trainers being used as day to day Street Shoes. In Sports they can make History.

Re invented into popular with the Purple brand plus the “Shut up and take my money” brass colored DJ System.
They are based on designs, for maximizing Output Volume with little amp power, in the 70’s.

Now Modernized with DSP and High power Amps, they are hard to beat at open Spaces.

Horn loaded Systems can sound Spectacular, esp. Outdoors. But Indoors with walls and Ceiling?

The wide and varied coverage delivers a patchwork of out of time reflections. The resulting filter and reverberation make all Songs sound similar and preventing the Artist of creating a different atmosphere by changing the Style or Mood

Compensation over Output volume is the result.

I am not saying that this Setup was seeing to be enjoyable in certain conditions.
But then I think its mostly the Image that counts …for a while.

I hope then comes the desire for Quiet, Direct and Personal

We can Do this

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