Solton Karat 8 Review

  • Thor 

Solton Karat K8 impressions after the 1rst Year.

The Experience First Impression, they are different.  It took me a few minutes to get used the even Impulse over the full Volume. Looking for the “ now getting loud enough to build the pressure” and not hearing the acquired varying performance, took a few moments to get used to.

The First Two Usages were Multiple Headsets, plus live Band at two different School play’s performed in Sports halls with the usual Problems.
20 Horizontal, 100 degree Vertical Coverage of the Karat is narrow. This also means less reflections of Floor and Ceiling, a focused Sound Beam.
If the Speakers are flown on Truss, there is little Volume, a light Sound on Stage and Close under the Truss.

I did cover the front row as extra Matrix just with a pair of 8”, little power was required. No FOH EQ Compromising because of feedback, nice.

On another Location, a full instrumented Fleedwood Mack Tribute plus support Bands, Located the Side of a stretch Tent. 

I used the Karat on the Subs FOH and large Columns for the Sides, together with modern Subwoofers there was no need for High Volumes. I think part of this is owed to the small Beyma 6.5” being able to move closer in unison with the Tweeter. The result was a very even Coverage on Sides and Front creating welcoming Atmosphere and comfortable, relaxed looking Guests.

The Finish  The Speaker has 2000w rms 141DB peak 500 x 710 x 345cm and 32.5kg ok to handle alone. They are narrow front to back, the Centre of Gravity is close to the Chest while lifting. The handles are in the right place and large enough. While using the U brackets, the Setup with 2 Person is Safer.
The Front Grill is of good Quality. One point less I found is, the Paint could be thicker or maybe adding protective hard wearing side Rails, could be nice. But in this price range, getting them Flight-cased for mobile Usage is not asking for too much.

Conclusion :I think the Karat8 behave/perform close to high Quality Column Speakers, just with more power. As a Friend of Coaxial Design, I was a little afraid of an 2 x Speaker with tweeter in between in a horizontal array arrangement. This Layout could mean hearing phasing, walking across or sometimes just turning the Head. To my big Relief I did not hear anything except at very close range.
And to add another plus : Most compact Point Source Speakers do need heavy Processing and can sound a little Compressed. The Karat needs little EQ.

Would I buy them again ? YES

I do think they have the potential to become a timeless tool. Thanks to the Solton Family for delivering a great Product.

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