March 2020

My 1st Point Source

  • Thor 
Size MattersPoint Source System. Double 8″ Tops with Carbon Speakers, 15″ Subs and Linea amp with Fir filter.3600w rms . What is i like ? Little more compressed in lower Volumes, With the amount of Processing in place no wonder. Even & elegant going up in Volume. Output of 130db fitting into a Car.

The Wonderful World of Digital Matrix Systems

  • Thor 
Having finished A Fully Digital Audio System Installation with Dante. A 4 zone, multiple Input System. There are so many advantages surely to be taken in 2020. Reliability. Having earth and a number of power sources hard wired together over many Rooms can be made to work ………. Until the set-up is disturbed. This is an inevitability with Zones that have their own set of functions. The Digital link does not amplify a mixture of low power Signals to &… Continue Reading »The Wonderful World of Digital Matrix Systems