The Sound Dome Story

  • Thor 
Warning Ranting ahead. I was asked in 2016 to assist with some Problem solving of a Speaker installation in a Sound Dome. So I drove to a name of “Tom” to have a look. It was a Small Waving Pipes Geo dome in a Barn, hold together with and Cable ties. A Small Marantz amp was connected with Cables to various Speaker with no housing all in parallel, putting the Amp to protect, because of the low resistance. Parallel – serial was the solution. We were discussing how to improve the sound overall with a bigger amp and adding a Sub. Coaxial Car speakers was my recommendation. I made a wiring drawing, send a link on line, plus an Estimate for a 3-way active Sub. There was a lot of ideas swapped and time spend developing the next Months. A Sponsor to build a Bigger Dome was announced. Cool. Now i did put forward the option to go from X Stereo to 16 channel to keep some budget and make much more of the System. Then it went quick, someone sponsoring the DAC’s & Amps needed, and someone else Volunteering to create the sounds. Long story short, my better half and I still wired the new and much bigger Dome in anticipation for the big Day. We were invited for the launch, The Effect Sounds were ok, the DJ sound was no good. Alphasounds ? No mention of input, work or Development. I remember driving home not happy at all. A got a phone call few days later, “Tom” was asking if I was willing to deliver and set up the Dome at electric picnic. I declined, the Dome was very heavy & had not passed any safety standard,       I felt the journey is coming to an end for me. Many hrs for Thinking, mailing and Estimates down the Hatch. Then came a YouTube Video with a A Sound Engineer presenting his development with the ” INVENTOR ” of the 16 channel Sound Dome, later Red Bull Sound Dome. To add injury to insult the Arts Council rang to confirm a payment for a invoice that was falsified from a Estimate i had written. They got the right answer. I went up for a Visit, got a sorrow looking apology, again someone else’s fault this time of bad advisement. Not good enough. The anger is still with me, sometimes. To bad, i was told by another shunned investor that he got a Patent for putting the Speakers into the Housings of a Geo dome. I can not confirm that. But this could would hinder someone else building one that is enjoiable. At the Musik messe in Frankfurt 2019 a wooden / steel  Sound Dome was done just right. The right Ambience, Materials, very good Sounds and a dedicated Crew by someone deserving. Live just goes on brilliant. The Speakers in teardrops inside the Dome allowed for proper Speaker cabinet Design. I feel better now, it’s done now.
1rst Draw 2016
We are connecting in 2016
The Dome In Frankfurt 2019
mail capture

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