Updating Subwoofer Hardware

  • Thor 

Having experienced in 2018 for the first time Beyma Lex Speakers, I knew this is what I wanted to use in the Future. Baskets, able to move the Cone close to twice the Distance. The ease of the Lex Speaker going down into below 40hrz without forcing low end, and covering a larger Space, even on low Volume. Of Course the reduced Weight.

Before You start a new Speaker Project, there are a few things to consider.

The Efficiency is with 95db lower. Classic Baskets delivering 98db or more. A higher Gain and more Power is needed to deliver the same Volume. The Amp used should have input gain adjustments available.

Using the DSP or Mixer driving the Amps with different Volumes is a compromise. Close to Unity gain is the safest path of the working range.

1600w rms for one Basket on 8 Ohm, is a Specification to heed. If the amp is 1k on 8 ohm or even lower, the Clip led is going to be busy in the normal working range.

Another issue is that a basket moving over 14mm will disturb the Amp. Not every Amp working good on Mid/Tops and older Subs has the design to deliver the fast and high Impulse, being stable on 2 Ohm seem to be good indicator.

I did try a few different Amps in the workshop.

Varying grip of the movement even at lower Volumes is more prominent. This is were mostly higher priced Amps can deliver a meaning full upgrade. These Speakers start really shining with a matching Environments.

There is nothing close to the fun. Maybe there was a long time ago…

Some posh Boat Anchors Amp’s of the 80’s and 90”s

They Kicked the Subwoofer Cones like leaves, but also invented Their Own low end sound, and cost even more, plus the unwanted excitement of burning the same Electricity as a small Village.

Glad we moved on.

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