Updating Subwoofer Hardware

  • Thor 
Having experienced in 2018 for the first time Beyma Lex Speakers, I knew this is what I wanted to use in the Future. Baskets, able to move the Cone close to twice the Distance. The ease of the Lex Speaker going down into below 40hrz without forcing low end, and covering a larger Space, even on low Volume. Of Course the reduced Weight. Before You start a new Speaker Project, there are a few things to consider. The Efficiency is… Continue Reading »Updating Subwoofer Hardware

Horn Loaded Sound Systems

  • Thor 
“Sneakers in the Rain” This is what I was thinking wen I see Horn loaded System .used in confined indoor locations. Like expensive white Trainers being used as day to day Street Shoes. In Sports they can make History. Re invented into popular with the Purple brand plus the “Shut up and take my money” brass colored DJ System.They are based on designs, for maximizing Output Volume with little amp power, in the 70’s. Now Modernized with DSP and High… Continue Reading »Horn Loaded Sound Systems

Sub Addition

  • Thor 
Today on the Bench Omnitronic BoB 2 x 8″ Sub First impression is: I did not pay that much. The Wood Construction is looking very good. Did not expect 2 separate Chambers, only connected with a small slit in the Middle. That gives Stability, and not the dreaded Resonance, no low honking, Nice. Very generous sized Crossovers with 1.5mm Cable but, a sorry not with Copper, that I changed for sport, while its open anyway. Impressive Magnets, punching tight and… Continue Reading »Sub Addition