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Making a Good old Speaker even Better

  • Thor 
How to make a good old Speaker better.. Now 4 x Grundig Audiorama 8000 in stock. Finished with new Paint. Utilizing them as mid tops on a active 3 way sub i found then a little to much compressing. and after having glance inside i noticed the thin wiring used back then. So out came the Solder and 2.5 copper from and to the Xovers now. The difference is clearly to hear. More drive and better punch. The Tweeters are… Continue Reading »Making a Good old Speaker even Better

A Story listening to Hifi Systems

  • Thor 
In the Mid 70’s growing up in Germany, before Walkmann, most kids i knew played music with mail order mono Tape Player, I remember that my Granddad spend about 40 DM more ( every Deutschmark Mark counted then ) for ITT Schaub Lorenz Recorder that looked and sounded a little different. My Granny’s Kitchen Radio was from the same Brand. Gentler sounding compared to much bigger more expensive Stereo GhettoBlasters. It had a Silver Metal finish and Recording with mike… Continue Reading »A Story listening to Hifi Systems