Lighting Systems for Hire

We can supply a complete lighting & decoration solution, designed to enhance and compliment your venue or event.

We offer custom Gobos to project your Logo

Alpha Sounds Ireland

Cinema & Projection Screens

 Alpha Sounds Ireland

1 x 16:9 2 m x 1.125 m Cinema Front Projection on Tripod. 1 x High Quality 3 x 2.5 m Frame for Front or Rear Projection on wheels. Minimum ceiling height is 2.80 m

DW 882 ST Projector

Alpha Sounds Ireland

Short Throw DLP Projector

3600 ANSI Lumens
NWXGA (1280x800)
Contrast Ratio 15,000:1
16:10 Native Aspect Ratio

Vivitek DX 273

Alpha Sounds Ireland

Medium Throw DLP Projector

4000 ANSI Lumens
1024 x 768 Native Resolution
20000:1 Contrast Ratio
4:3 Native Aspect Ratio

Alpha Sounds Ireland

8 x AKKU Bar-6 Glow QCL Flex QuickDMX

Alpha Sounds Ireland

Wireless Uplighter
Thanks to its rechargeable battery and QuickDMX equipment, this bar is completely wireless. Control the bar via DMX, use the pre-installed show programs in auto or music mode or use the included remote control. The battery provides enough power for up to 13 hours of operation. The Akku Bar-6 Glow is your flexible eyecatcher for stages and stylish interior lighting. With its mood light radiating to the front, the bar spreads a pleasantly soft light. Six powerful LEDs on the back of the unit can be used for uplighting or stage lighting. Tilt the bar up to 100° to suit the respective application. Both units are equipped with RGBW LEDs..

6 x ARCLED 4312WX

Alpha Sounds Ireland

Totally wireless operation.
The internal battery pack allows a 12 hours continuous operation. The DMX input is provided by a 2.4 GHz antenna receiver. 12 CREE 3W LEDs with Full-Color calibration system for outstanding performance even in outdoor application or architectural lighting projects. The 6-units optional carrying Road case is also suitable as battery-charger though the external Powercon socket. ARCLED4312WX is a versatile, innovative and portable lighting fixture, designed to match all kinds of applications as wall/background luminaire where the venue does not allow fixed laying of cables or energy consumption limitation.

2 x B-40 HCL Beam Effect

Alpha Sounds Ireland

Mirror ball simulator fitted with five 12-watt hex-color LEDs projecting colorful beams and a precision motor that creates a romantic atmosphere at slow rotation speed.Thanks to 6-color mixing particularly beautiful colors are possible.

4 x PIXBAR 600 PRO

Alpha Sounds Ireland

Professional 12 x 12 W RGBWA+UV LED Bar
The Cameo PixBar 600 PRO is a wide-angle,convection-cooled LED bar.
Equipped with 12 super-bright 12 Watt RGBWA+UV LEDs.It operates absolutely noiselessly and is flicker-free due to its high refresh rate of 3,000 Hz.

4 x PLW 410

Alpha Sounds Ireland

18 LEDs x 10W (RGBW 4 IN 1),Protection rate: IP65 DMX512 control, sound activate, automatic, master/slave DMX channels: 8/4 Beam angle: 25┬░Aluminum cabinet Waterproof DMX and power connector.

4 x Coef 250 DVP

Alpha Sounds Ireland

Very Bright Vintage Scanners, Full Restored and fully Functional, for the love of Fast analog Light
250W Discharge Lamp.
6 metal rotating and 2 dichroic rotating gobos,
10 basic colors + white +7 bi colors 2 color conversion filters superimposing to the basic colors.
2 rotating prisms: 3/6 facets, Adjustable strobe
Dimmer from 0 to 100%
Frost filter & Black light Filter, Rainbow effect

4 x Cromospot 250

Alpha Sounds Ireland

60W Cree LED fitted.
8 Dichroic colour filters. Sharp focus for the
2 Gobo wheels, one rotating and one static could show Your custom Gobo.
3-facet prism, built-in automatic and sound-activated shows.

2 x BEAM

Alpha Sounds Ireland

Professional Sharp Beam 230W Discharge Bulb. 14 Colors 13 Gobos 8+48 Facet Prism with Rainbow Effect

LightShark LS-1

Alpha Sounds Ireland

Professional Light Desk controlled via Surface and Web Browser

Eurolight Colorchief

Alpha Sounds Ireland

Easy control of LED spotlights with up to 6 colors
Professional Show Desk.
For 8 devices or device groups, each with up to 4 segments. Each device can occupy up to 30 channels

GLP Scan Operator FX II

Light Desk for Moving Lights
The GLP Scan Operator makes using Moving Lights simple
Features: up to 12 moving lights for each of the 16 channels, 240 programmable scenes, 6 chasers with each 250 steps, controllable speed and fade time. Effects engine with circle, triangle, wave,.


Hardware & Decoration

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