Lighting Systems for Hire

We can supply a complete lighting & decoration solution, designed to enhance and compliment your venue or event.

We offer custom Gobos to project your Logo

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Cinema & Projection Screens

1 x 16:9 2 m x 1.125 m Front Projection Screen on White Tripod.
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1 x High Quality with Front and Rear Projection Screen.
3 x 2.5 m Frame on wheels with minimum ceiling height is 2.80 m

DW 882 ST Projector

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Short Throw DLP Projector

3600 ANSI Lumens
NWXGA (1280x800)
Contrast Ratio 15,000:1
16:10 Native Aspect Ratio

Vivitek DX 273

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Medium Throw DLP Projector

4000 ANSI Lumens
1024 x 768 Native Resolution
20000:1 Contrast Ratio
4:3 Native Aspect Ratio

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AKKU Bar-6 Glow QCL Flex QuickDMX

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Wireless Uplighter
Thanks to its rechargeable battery and QuickDMX equipment, this bar is completely wireless. Control the bar via DMX, use the pre-installed show programs in auto or music mode or use the included remote control. The battery provides enough power for up to 13 hours of operation. The Akku Bar-6 Glow is your flexible eyecatcher for stages and stylish interior lighting. With its mood light radiating to the front, the bar spreads a pleasantly soft light. Six powerful LEDs on the back of the unit can be used for uplighting or stage lighting. Tilt the bar up to 100° to suit the respective application. Both units are equipped with RGBW LEDs..


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Totally wireless operation.
The internal battery pack allows a 12 hours autonomy (continuous operation) and the DMX input is provided by a 2.4 GHz antenna receiver. 12 CREE 3W LEDs with Full-Color calibration system for outstanding performance even in outdoor application or architectural lighting projects. The 6-units optional carrying Roadcase is also suitable as battery-charger though the external Powercon socket. ARCLED4312WX is a versatile, innovative and portable lighting fixture, designed to match all kinds of applications as wall/background luminaire where the venue does not allow fixed laying of cables or energy consumption limitation.

B-40 HCL Beam Effect

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Mirror ball simulator fitted with five powerful 12-watt hex-color LEDs projecting colorful beams and a precision motor that creates a romantic atmosphere at slow rotation speed.Thanks to 6-color mixing particularly beautiful colors are possible.


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Professional 12 x 12 W RGBWA+UV LED Bar
The Cameo PixBar 600 PRO is a wide-angle,convection-cooled LED bar.
Equipped with 12 super-bright 12 Watt RGBWA+UV LEDs.It operates absolutely noiselessly and is flicker-free due to its high refresh rate of 3,000 Hz.


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Compact laser effect with red, blue and mixed purple source for multi-beam laser projection, motion effects and shapes. Equipped with high-efficient PL450B laser diode by OSRAM to achieve the best performance between lasers of same category KRYPTON200RBP is fully link able to create synchronized and full-spectrum laser show with a limited budget.

Coef 250 DVP

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Vintage Scanners, full Restored and fully Functional, for the love of Fast analog Light
Lamp: 250W 2000 hours life, socket gy 9.5
6 metal rotating gobos and 2 dichroic rotating gobos, all interchangeable
10 basic colors+ white+7 bicolors
2 color conversion filters superimposing to the basic colors, for a total of 36 colors + bi-colors
2 rotating prisms: 3/6 facets, Adjustable strobe
Dimmer from 0 to 100%, Rainbow effect
Frost filter, Blacklight Filter

Cromospot 250

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A moving-head spot updated with Cree 60W  LED source and 8 Dichroic colour filters
2 Gobo wheels, one rotating (7 gobos) and one static (9 gobos), 3-facet prism for limitless effect combinations
built-in automaticand sound-activated shows
up to16 channel DMX


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Professional Sharp Beam 230W Discharge Bulb. 14 Colors 13 Gobos 8+48 Facet Prism with Rainbow Effect


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Professional Light Desk
Professional Show Desk.
24/48 dimmer control channels (48 in wide mode) l 108 submasters Softpatch to 512 DMX channels, Up to 999 memories 24 palettes each for colour, beam, position and fixture selection groups Floppy disk drive, Super user functions Ability to control 24 moving lights l Effects generator

Eurolight Colorchief

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Easy control of LED spotlights with up to 6 colors
Professional Show Desk.
For 8 devices or device groups, each with up to 4 segments. Each device can occupy up to 30 channels

GLP Scan Operator FX II

Light Desk for Moving Lights
The GLP Scan Operator makes using Moving Lights simple
Features: up to 12 moving lights for each of the 16 channels, 240 programmable scenes, 6 chasers with each 250 steps, controllable speed and fade time. Effects engine with circle, triangle, wave,.


Hardware & Decoration

Alpha Sounds Ireland

Wind up Tower stands 220Kg
Wind up Stands 100Kg
Wind up Stands 3.5m 35Kg
Four point Truss

4 x 1 x 2 meter stage riser 40cm

1 x 3 x 6 m Starry night white led Backdrop
16 x 3 m Black Back drop
2 x 6 x 3 m White Gauze

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