We can supply a complete selection of microphones, headsets & equipment to suit any event.

Microphones for Hire:
Alpha Sounds Ireland

Head Sets:
2 x Sennheiser Ew 100 Bodypack
3 x Sennheiser Ew 300 Bodypack
3 x LD 1000 Bodypack
1 x Sennheiser ME 3-11 Head set
5 x Skin Tone Condenser Omnidirectional
5 x Pro Audio Condenser Cardioid
3 x LD Audio Dynamic

3 x Sennheiser 100 Receiver
2 x Sennheiser 300 Receiver
1 x Proaudio Handheld, Headset/Lavaliere Set

4 x Sennheiser e945
3 x Shure Beta 58
1 x Shure Beta 57
1 x Shure Beta 52 Low Frequency Mic
1 x Shure Beta 92 a Boundary Mic
2 x Pro audio p58b
4 x CAD DTM411 Clip on microphone for Drum
2 x Beyer dynamic M201TG
2 x CAD e100 Large Diaphragm Condenser
2 x CAD e60 Medium Condenser with adjustable low cut

Back Line for Hire:
Alpha Sounds Ireland

Sonor 5 pice Kit 503
Good sounding Basic Drum Kit

Alpha Sounds Ireland

Marshall AVT 150 H
Half Stack
Accoustic, Clean
2 Distortion Channel + EFX

Alpha Sounds Ireland

Ampeg SVT 2 Bass Stack
300w Tube Bass head
Solton Vintage Refurbished 8/10" Cabinet
8/10" also great with Carlsborow 300 w Head

Alpha Sounds Ireland

Marshall 4 x 12"
Vintage 1982 with vintage greenback 30w
Stereo/ mono input
The business for recording

Alpha Sounds Ireland

Marshall AS 50r accoustic Guitar Combo
2 x 8"
With RCA, 6.5mm jack & mic input
Built in EFX

Alpha Sounds Ireland

Gallien Grueger Backline 100 Combo
The Proper Metal Machine

Alpha Sounds Ireland

Omnitronic DD 4250
Direct Drive with Nightclub or om 20 needle

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